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Short-term Rental Key Metrics

Average Occupancy Rate

Median Nightly Rate 

- 171$ in the image represents the average of median nightly rates of the last 12 months.

- It's calculated from the active listings that are showing on the map. 

- A nightly rate is the amount of money that the listing will be made on a booked night. 

- A nightly rate does not include cleaning fees or extra guest fees. 


- $3180 in the image represents the average revenue of the last 12 months.

- It's calculated from the active listings that are showing on the map.

- Revenue = ((Nightly Rate + Extra Guest Fees) * Number of Booked Nights) + (Cleaning Fees * Number of bookings) 

Market Overview 

- 4296 in the image represents the total number of active short term rentals (Airbnb & VRBO) in the market

- We do offer data integration from other websites such as - speak to our team if you'd like to discuss this using this link. 

- 'P' means "Private Room". 

- "1", "2" etc indicate the number of bedrooms. 


For each service or amenity, you will see two bars. 

The bar above shows the percentages of listings in your map view have that specific service or amenity.

The bar below shows the increase or decrease in RevPAR for having that specific amenity or service. In the example, you can see that having a pet-friendly option could expect you to have a higher RevPAR. 

A pro tip! 

We are just checking the RevPAR difference between the listings with and without specific amenity or service, so the RevPAR change estimation is not necessarily correlated. It is because there are many other variables, for instance, bigger properties may have strict cancellation policies, and that could be the reason for listings with "Strict Cancellation Policy" to have higher RevPAR in the example. Therefore, make sure you use filters (for instance, make sure you only compare listings with the same number of bedrooms) to narrow down the listings you are comparing.  

Booking Lead Time

- It is the period of time between a guest checking in date and a date that the booking was made.